More of this please

I had lunch today at a sweet little cafe. Lunch was delicious, and due to the anomalous incredible weather (where’s the rain?), sat on the sidewalk and watched the world go by. The sidewalk traffic was mostly kids walking home from school (they still do that?) and there were plenty of other afternoon types: moms with babies and dogs, retired folks out for a stroll, and those who have non 9-to-5 jobs. Overall a pretty lively crowd. One think that was noticeable was how walkable this part of town is. Here’s a street shot taken near my table, notice all the features that make it interesting for walkers: wide enough sidewalk, awnings, sidewalk tables and chairs, lots of shops, and a tiled entryway for the apartments above. Let’s make more of this.

Note the apartment entryway tucked between the shops.


Below is another of my photoshopped series of narrow streets. Having weird filters allows the amateur and quick photoshopping to not be a huge issue. I would love it if we had places like this in Berkeley; walkable places with no car traffic at all. We can still have cars, and plenty of spots to park them, let’s just make sure they are in the right places.

Another narrow street in Berkeley. Yay!

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